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Return To Practice - Nursing & Midwifery

We are always keen to welcome nurses back into the profession. We are working with local education providers and other partners to ensure anyone returning has a great experience and is supported. This is part of a national campaign and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is very keen to provide local opportunities.

Come Back to Nursing

If you have been a registered nurse previously and wish to return to the profession, then you may need to undertake a return to practice programme. The programme is essentially a period of updating your skills and knowledge, so that you can return to work in nursing and become re-registered.

To ensure that returning is as simple as possible for you, return to practice programmes have been refreshed across the country so that you can enjoy a supportive, flexible and varied learning experience.

At LTHT we can support you through clinically based training and providing mentoring and preceptorship support.

If you're looking to complete a return to practice course, you can now expect:

  • Course fees to be paid
  • Additional financial support towards travel, childcare and book costs etc.
  • Clear information on how to find a course
  • Support in finding a clinical placement
  • Theory and clinical-based training
  • Access to a mentor
  • Simulation techniques to practice skills
  • Preceptorship support

The intention at LTHT is to recruit staff to complete the Return to Practice (RTP) programme whilst employed on Agenda for Change Band 3 Training Contracts for six months. This will give the RTP students an opportunity to receive a salary and to accrue staff benefits during their training time.

Placements will be offered in areas where the candidate has specified an interest and which meets the requirements of the RTP course. RTP students will attend between 150 and 200 hours of clinical contact over six months, during which they will work with mentors to complete learning outcomes required by the Higher Education Institute (HEI).

At LTHT we currently offer the programme in partnership with Bradford University although it is also offered at Hull, Sheffield Hallam and York.

More Information

There is more information on the internet about Return to Practice for nurses and other professions as well.

On this careers site you may wish to look at our Realistic Job Profile for our band 5 nurses which gives more information on Nursing within LTHT.

You can register on this site, highlighting the areas you are interested in and we will send you a weekly email listing vacant posts which match your interests.

We will also be running specific return to practice adverts which will also be part of our vacancy alert system.