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Temporary Staffing at LTHT

As a Trust we are always looking for skilled staff who live our values, but want to work more flexibly. We have a range of options to suit your needs.

Changes in practice

The NHS is applying new rules on agency staffing rates so this could be a great time to return to employment with the Trust.

Our priority is to give the highest quality care to our patients and temporary staff are an essential part of our team.

We can now only use staff from approved agencies that pay at the nationally set rates which will be changed again from April 2016.

If you are an agency worker you should check with your agency to see if there are on our "framework" list of approved agencies. If they are not on a framework we will not be making any new bookings and will be terminating all existing bookings.

If you are a nurse or a midwife and want to work flexibly you can join our internal bank.

We have a bank for doctors which people can sign up to.

We are also looking to develop banks for other staff groups to provide cover to our services and opportunities for those who want to work flexibly.

If you are an AHP you should approach the Head of Service to ask about a bank contract or other employment opportunities.

Employment opportunities

We have a wide range of roles within the Trust and are looking to recruit people who can demonstrate the right values and skills.

You can register on this site and receive weekly alerts on vacancies that match your interests and skills.

We are looking to increase the number of people we have on our own banks. This includes our nursing bank.

The LTHT Nurse Staff Bank is recruiting registered nurses and midwives and skilled clinical support workers. To contact the recruitment team of LTHT Nurse Staff Bank please phone or email them on:

0113 3926 262, or


You can now follow StaffBank on facebook (@LTHTSBank) and Twitter (@LTHTStaffBank) to keep up to date with what is happening.