Leeds Teaching Hospitals People

We have a number of our people explaining their role within the Trust to provide you with more information about our work and people.

Behzad 'Bez' Masood

Business Admin Apprentice

The NHS has a strong tradition of training people both young and old internally to help ensure staff have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to provide the very best quality of care. LTHT is no exception and had a proud history of its own when it comes...

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Helen Gibson

Business Administration Apprentice

Every year, Organisational Learning, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust recruits hundreds of apprentices to a number of dedicated apprenticeship Trust-run programmes. These apprenticeships offer valuable skills and experience both in clinical and non-clinical...

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Laura J Smith

Apprentice Clinical Support Worker (ACSW)

Across our sites, on the wards and in LTHT's clinics, you're more than likely to see one of our Apprentice Clinical Support Workers (or ACSWs)...

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Laura Bryson

Apprentice Clinical Support Worker

As a teaching hospital trust education and personnel development plays a huge role in the day-to-day activities of LTHT and across all of our sites you can find people working in some kind of apprenticeship...

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Chris Lee

Reservist - radiotherapy

Chris is a Radiotherapy Specialist Practitioner and he has worked at the Trust for 1 ½ years...

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James Robins

Reservist - Specialty Registrar

James is a specialty registrar in neurosurgery and he has worked at the Trust for one year...

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Finlay Langlands

Reservist - Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Fin is a Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner and he has worked at the Trust for 2 years...

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Peter Wedgwood

Reservist - Deputy Production Manager (Pharmacy)

Peter is a Deputy Production Manager, Pharmacy Manufacturing (Pharmacy Technician) at LTHT and he has worked at the Trust for 16 Years...

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Tiffany Delves

Reservist - Diagnostic Radiographer

Tiffany is a Diagnostic Radiographer at LTHT and she has worked at the Trust since October 2016...

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Robert Head

Maintenance Craftsman

As with all large organisations, we need to ensure that our buildings are up-to-scratch and functioning properly, but unlike most other large organisations, in our case it can be a matter of life and death...

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Dr Gurj Chhokar

Clinical Leadership Fellow

Improving patient care and working to avoid harm is at the heart of we do here at LTHT. This can only be achieved by sharing learning among teams and taking views from staff working across our hospitals.The Trust takes this work seriously and has been running...

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Nada Abdul-Majid


At St James's, the LGI and out in the community our midwives, nurses and midwifery assistants work tirelessly to ensure that healthy babies are delivered and mums and dads are supported. However, some births aren't so straightforward and families require extra...

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Arron Gill

Specialist Perioperative Practitioner

The different theatres at LTHT can only function through the efforts of the staff working collaboratively as part of a team; each individual playing their part in surgery and other procedures. Surgeons work alongside nurses, anaesthetists, operating department...

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Penny Chu

Trainee Specialist Pharmacist

Each and every day hundreds of prescriptions are written and thousands of drugs dispensed within LTHT. This vital element of hospital care can only take place thanks to our dedicated LTH Pharmacy services. Found in nearly all areas of the Trust, Pharmacists offer...

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Dipansu Ghosh

Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Maintaining good sleeping habits are vital to keeping good health and feeling well, but for some people, sleep can be a real difficulty and can affect all areas of their lives. St James's Hospital is home to the region's specialist sleep clinic, which helps people...

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Wayne Short

Infection and Travel Medicine Nurse

As a regional hub, at LTHT we see thousands of patients with uncommon infectious illnesses and diseases more closely associated with foreign countries. J20 at St James's is our Infection and Travel Medicine ward. It cares for people with conditions not normally...

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Natalie Dawson

Neonatal Sister

Our patients come in many shapes and sizes, at every stage of life each requiring specialised care and different treatments. At the Leeds Children's Hospital, our Neonatal unit cares for our youngest patients: new born babies who are ill or have required surgery...

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Holly Speight

Clinical Trials Assistant

Tens of thousands of LTHT patients participate in clinical trials every year. This work helps to improve care and means that in some areas we can offer the very latest treatments. Behind every piece of research are dedicated teams, who analyse data and ensure...

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Team Of The Week

Clinical Engineering Support Team

LTHT relies on hundreds of thousands of pieces of clinical equipment to help our hospitals run smoothly. We have many teams working within the Medical Physics & Engineering Department, two of which being the Clinical Engineering Support Teams based at both...

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Team Of The Week

Major Trauma Centre - L22

On the top floor of Jubilee Wing at the LGI you'll find ward L22, home to the Leeds Major Trauma Centre (MTC). The Leeds MTC receives and cares for patients with life-changing injuries from West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and some parts of South and East Yorkshire...

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Tom Fletcher

Health and Fitness Assistant based

Everyone knows that maintaining good diet and exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and this is true for NHS staff too. At LTHT we offer a range of benefits, such as on-site gyms and access to health advisers, for staff to enable them to stay fit and healthy...

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Helena Meally


Across our hospitals and the wider NHS, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) play a key role in the delivery of care by providing specialised services such as speech therapy, chaplaincy services and physiotherapy. Podiatrists at LTHT are AHPs who care for people...

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Dr Cecilia Pompili

Thoracic Surgeon

As one of the UK's leading centres for cancer, research plays a huge role in life at St James's, with hundreds of people working every day to help develop new care pathways and treatments here in Leeds. Within the Trust there are a number of specialist doctors...

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Helen Biggs


Each and every day the Admissions Lounge at St James's sees dozens of patients prior to their operations. The unit plays a vital role in making sure checks are carried out on patients and they are ready for the procedure. The few hours prior to surgery can be...

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Neil Higgins

Shift Engineers

Behind the scenes of our hospitals is a small army of workers who literally help to keep the lights on. Looking after such huge sites requires the hard work and dedication of our expert mechanics and engineers in our Estates team. Skilled craftspeople, maintenance...

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Maria Paton

Cardiac Physiologist

Leeds is one of the busiest and biggest cardiology and cardiac surgery centres in the UK, with thousands of people coming in to the LGI to receive diagnosis, treatment and care. There are hundreds of staff working within the department, helping to keep Leeds'...

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Stephen Tufft


For many visitors arriving at our hospitals, their first port of call is with one of our friendly receptionists. Whether you're looking for directions, reporting an incident, making an enquiry, or just saying hello, the LTHT receptionists are the multi-talented...

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Becky Gothard


With thousands of patients visiting the Trust each and every week, blood tests are a vital feature of the care we provide. To enable this to happen, LTHT employs a dedicated team of Phlebotomists who take blood tests and can be found both within the Trust and...

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