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Dr Gurj Chhokar

Clinical Leadership Fellow

Improving patient care and working to avoid harm is at the heart of we do here at LTHT. This can only be achieved by sharing learning among teams and taking views from staff working across our hospitals.The Trust takes this work seriously and has been running a series of projects and initiatives to ensure that a coordinated approach is taken.

For the past five months, Dr Gurj Chhokar has been working as a Clinical Leadership Fellow as part of a wider team of eight within LTHT.

"I really enjoy my role as a Clinical Leadership Fellow (CLF) here within the Trust; there is so much variety in terms of the workload and I have the opportunity to carry out my role among some real experts."

"It's really great to see different aspects of care among all of the specialities the Trust provides. I feel really lucky to be able to get out and about to so many different areas, being exposed to life at the forefront of the NHS."

"The team and I work closely with the senior leaders within the Trust to help shape strategies around care. It's good to know that I am having a direct impact on the day-to-day of the Trust."

"There's a real collaborative approach to everything we do here and I think that this really helps to benefit patients and improve our services."

"Over the past few months I have been working with ward teams to introduce safety huddles. Safety huddles are daily team meetings where everyone on the ward can raise concerns about patients and a much fully picture about an individual's health is presented."

"Other elements of my role is helping to run Quality Improvement Workshops - which are open forums welcoming staff from across the Trust to attend, share ideas and learn from one another - and I also provide coaching to to support the roll out of projects in the Trust."

"All of the work is fed back to the NHS Improvement Academy, based in Bradford, to be analysed and to help assess the evidence. This means that good practice can be refined and shared right across the National Health System."

"It's really important that this work takes place in order to help medical staff, nursing teams and allied health professionals improve what we do. It's good to see all of this work paying off and I feel that we have an incredible amount at LTHT to celebrate."

"As the father of a three year old, much of my spare time is spent doing lots of crafts and activities. My daughter loves dinosaurs and recently celebrated her birthday by making a big, green dinosaur!"

"I have also taken up a new hobby - it's an amateur pursuit, but I enjoy sketching, mostly real-life portraits."