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Penny Chu

Trainee Specialist Pharmacist

Each and every day hundreds of prescriptions are written and thousands of drugs dispensed within LTHT. This vital element of hospital care can only take place thanks to our dedicated LTH Pharmacy services. Found in nearly all areas of the Trust, Pharmacists offer expert advice and support on medicines, prescribing and treatment.

"I really enjoy coming to work, because I know I can always make a difference. It's very rewarding to know that my work helps to contribute to the treatment of people in the hospitals," explained Penny. "Working in Leeds is absolutely great and I am looking to build my career here. Due to the size of the organisation and the levels of expertise, there are so many opportunities to develop, learn and grow my knowledge and skills."

"There's a hugely supportive atmosphere here at the Trust - it's like having a second family - we all work together as one for the good of our patients. I feel really fortunate to work alongside so many great people," she said. "My rotation means that I'm currently based on children's surgical wards and I am an integral part of the team helping young patients to get better. It's really important to reflect on the fact we all have a part to play in delivering the best possible care!"

"As a shift pharmacist, I can be expected to do a number of different things across the Trust. For example, I am regularly on-call to offer advice to teams about the use of medicines and prescribing both in the Trust and across the community," she explained. "I work closely with colleagues in different professions on wards to make sure patients are getting the right drugs in safe amounts. We pharmacists also take part in 'Safety Huddles' collaborative work to reduce harm to patients through falls, deterioration and other avoidable situations."

"In the dispensary, I am responsible for making sure medicines are safely prescribed, documentation is correct and drugs go where they are needed. This is all dependent on everyone working together for the good of our patients," said Penny. "I am proud to be a pharmacist here in Leeds, helping to support safer prescribing and offering advice to those who need it."