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Dipansu Ghosh

Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Maintaining good sleeping habits are vital to keeping good health and feeling well, but for some people, sleep can be a real difficulty and can affect all areas of their lives. St James's Hospital is home to the region's specialist sleep clinic, which helps people from across Yorkshire with a range of respiratory sleep conditions.

"The best thing about my role here at the Trust is the team; they are wonderful people and we work very well together, helping to treat and support patients," said Dr Ghosh. "A lot of the work that we do in respiratory medicine here at LTHT changes people's lives and I'm very proud of the part I play."

"My role is split between time on the ward and time in clinic, so one week I will be covering a ward and the next will be spent in clinic. On the ward and in clinic, I care for people with a range of respiratory illnesses and work as part of the team to provide the very best possible care. My speciality however, is the sleep clinic I run," explained Dr Ghosh. "In the sleep clinic I work to help people who have difficulties while sleeping, for example people with sleep apnoea, a condition where people hold their breath in sleep."

"I am immensely proud of the work that my team and I have done looking into identifying patients with sleep apnoea who shouldn't really be driving. Using the driving simulator here at St James's, we have made brilliant progress with the research so far and I am sure that this will only continue," he said. "It is only thanks to research like this that we can continue to develop and improve care for our patients."

"It's great to see how the work we do in respiratory medicine, helping people with sleep problems, can make such a massive difference to their quality of life. This is especially true for those younger patients with neuro-muscular conditions who may have seen their life expectancy massively increase because of our interventions," shared Dr Ghosh. "For many of our patients, improving the airways can treat the symptoms of their condition, but we can all do little things to improve sleep, such as losing weight or reducing alcohol intake."