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Wayne Short

Infection and Travel Medicine Nurse

As a regional hub, at LTHT we see thousands of patients with uncommon infectious illnesses and diseases more closely associated with foreign countries. J20 at St James's is our Infection and Travel Medicine ward. It cares for people with conditions not normally seen in the UK and those which pose a high risk of infecting other patients.

"There's a real focus on patient-centred care at LTHT, which is really important to me as a nurse and the reason I came into the profession. The ward is built around the patient's care pathway and delivering safe, high-quality care," said Wayne. "The environment on the ward is really fast-paced, so there's always something new or different happening."

"It's great to be able to have the opportunity to see such a wide range of illnesses and work alongside clinicians who are experts in their fields," he added. "On the ward we all work together - doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and other Allied Health Professionals and support staff - as one team to provide care and there's a real feel of collaboration."

"As a staff nurse, my role is on the front line of patient care, helping to identify issues patients may have and implementing care pathways," he explained. "For most people on the ward, I am the first point of contact. When met with conditions that require more senior staff, it's my job to escalate concerns and problems appropriately."

"I am also the ward's link-nurse for people with Learning Disabilities, helping to ensure that their specific needs are met and information is properly communicated this patient group," said Wayne. "Recently, I have also been helping with the NHS flu fighter campaign at St James's, helping to vaccinate around 500 people from influenza. This has the knock-on effect of keeping patients safe and preventing the spread of the virus."