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Holly Speight

Clinical Trials Assistant

Tens of thousands of LTHT patients participate in clinical trials every year. This work helps to improve care and means that in some areas we can offer the very latest treatments. Behind every piece of research are dedicated teams, who analyse data and ensure that the studies carried out can demonstrate a benefit.

"There is a really friendly atmosphere within LTHT and everyone gets along for the good of the people we care for. My team are great and there's a real sense of egalitarianism within the office - everyone has a part to play for patients," Holly said. "I really enjoy meeting new people and learning more about them, and my role allows me to do this. There's a real excitement about the work that we carry out every day."

"Working on these research projects gives me a real sense of purpose - I know that they have the potential to make a difference to thousands of lives. I feel incredibly proud to do what I do every day working alongside people at the forefront of their fields," she added. "It's really important that we carry out research so we can improve care not just here in Leeds, but across the NHS. There's nothing better than seeing a successful trial come though to completion and going on to benefit people in our care."

"A lot of my time is spent looking at and analysing data, ensuring that it is correct and shows that the trials are working. The precise nature of the data i.e. what we're looking for, depends on the particular studies," she said. "Ethics are a really important part of research and govern a lot of what we do. Part of my role is ensuring that patients are fully informed and consented to participate in the trials."

"The particular projects I work on can vary depending on the needs of different research teams, however, I mostly look after surgical studies. One of the most recent trials observed the difference between robotic and laparoscopic surgeries to see which is the most effective for patients," explained Holly. "Because of the nature of these studies, I often find myself in theatre aiding the research nurses in collecting data for analysis. I feel really privileged to be able to work on these studies day-in day-out at LTHT, because they really are cutting edge."