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Major Trauma Centre - L22

On the top floor of Jubilee Wing at the LGI you'll find ward L22, home to the Leeds Major Trauma Centre (MTC). The Leeds MTC receives and cares for patients with life-changing injuries from West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and some parts of South and East Yorkshire.

The Leeds MTC is one of 27 trauma centres across the country providing the highest level of expertise and skill to support adults and children at their most vulnerable time of need. Our MTC is located all under one roof, which means patients can be treated in the same place without being transferred across different hospitals. Patients arrive via the helipad or ambulance, taken to the Emergency Department for an initial assessment, surgery and the Intensive Care Unit if needed and finally to L22.

We treat more than 1,500 trauma patients in Leeds and the Major Trauma Specialist Nurses (MTSNs) co-ordinate the patient journey through the hospital.

Emma Stoker, one of the MTSNs, describes a typical day in her role: “We have a morning meeting on the ward where the whole team get together. This includes the physiotherapists, doctors and nurses. During this meeting we review our patients and discuss treatment plans and progress. Once this is finished, we visit and review our patients in critical care before returning to the ward to do a full ward round reviewing and discussing treatment plans with our patients.

“We are a surgical ward, so we have patients going to theatre all times of the day and night. We also have specialist surgeons for pelvic surgery and lower limb plastic ortho-reconstruction, which calls for the nursing team to be highly specialised in pre and post-op care. We liaise with doctors from other specialties in relation to on-going patient care which all contributes to a safe and effective discharge.”

The ward also has access to a dedicated clinical psychologist who can help patients cope with the potential changes to their lives.

Working in partnership with Day One Trauma, the trauma charity set up by LTHT Consultant Surgeon Professor Giannoudis, the team enable both patients of serious trauma and their families to rebuild their lives and to support them through the difficult days, weeks, months and years ahead.

They also take part in fundraising events to raise money for Day One, including doing the Leeds 10k and abseiling down the side of the Leeds Beckett University building.

Emma continues: “We are always looking for different activities to get involved in and are currently in the planning stages for a charity event to raise money for an ice machine for the ward. As we have a lot of lower limb trauma, which swells up incredibly, we use ice therapy a lot of the time to help reduce swelling so patients can have their operations quicker.”

Emma adds: “We've had patients who have had multiple injuries to different body systems and we are able to see them improve week by week and reach milestones in their recovery such as sitting up, sitting out in a chair, being able to transfer to a chair with minimal assistance and being able to walk with assistance. As a team we take pride in being able to nurse the patients back to their pre-hospital state.”