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Tom Fletcher

Health and Fitness Assistant based

Everyone knows that maintaining good diet and exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and this is true for NHS staff too. At LTHT we offer a range of benefits, such as on-site gyms and access to health advisers, for staff to enable them to stay fit and healthy.

"It's great to work for such a large and cohesive organisation as the Trust. I feel proud to work in the NHS and be part of something which changes lives each and every day," said Tom. "I have the opportunity to work with a huge variety of people from different backgrounds and help to create individualised training and diet programmes based around their needs."

"Working in the gym is a real labour of love and it is the reason I wake up on a morning. The best part of my role is seeing people gain confidence and the resolve to stick at the plans I set for them; it's very much about helping to change mindsets," he explained. "I enjoy seeing people hit their targets, but it's even better when they continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

"On a day-to-day basis I am responsible for the running of the gyms, making sure it is a clean and safe environment for people to participate in exercise," Tom explained. "When people first sign up, I run them through an induction to ensure that they can use equipment safely and effectively. This helps to prevent people acquiring injury while exercising."

"The classes are relatively new and offer participants the opportunity to get involved with fun exercises which don't exclude new starters. It helps to keep people fit and feel confident and comfortable in the environment," he said. "I also work with individuals to tailor programmes to their specific needs. This includes developing exercise regimes and diet plans to help maintain a healthy body weight and to stay active."

Outside of work Tom has recently moved to Leeds form his home town of Doncaster and is settling in to life in West Yorkshire.

"I'm looking to start an Master's Degree in September to help me develop and progress my career," shared Tom. "It all fits in with my lifestyle and helps me to be confident that I am doing something I love."