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Arron Gill

Specialist Perioperative Practitioner

The different theatres at LTHT can only function through the efforts of the staff working collaboratively as part of a team; each individual playing their part in surgery and other procedures. Surgeons work alongside nurses, anaesthetists, operating department practitioners and many other specialist members of staff to ensure that operations are safe, efficient and effective.

"One of the best parts of my role is that I have the opportunity to work alongside and assist some of the UK's leading surgical experts as part of a team: it's a real privilege," said Arron. "The camaraderie among the teams in theatres provides a real buzz and sense of solidarity, especially when things get stressful or don't seem to go right. This team effort is so important."

"The range and variety of specialities that take place at St James's mean that there are never two days the same. This is great for someone interested in education, such as myself, as it offers lots of opportunities to gain a wide range of knowledge and experience," explained Arron. "I much prefer working in theatres as the focus is always aimed solely at the patient, seeing them from coming into theatre through surgery and to recovery."

"The research I'm contributing to looks at communication in robotic surgery and is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). This work is very much looking towards the future of surgery and will hopefully help to improve processes within the operating department of tomorrow," Arron explained. "This is of course alongside my regular duties within theatres, providing patient care."

"Hopefully over the next few years we will see more Research Practitioners working in the Theatres and Anaesthetics Clinical Support Unit (CSU) and across the wider Trust," said Arron. "'I am looking forward to moving on to study for my PhD and continue with my work looking at how technology is implemented within the perioperative environment."