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Dr Cecilia Pompili

Thoracic Surgeon

As one of the UK's leading centres for cancer, research plays a huge role in life at St James's, with hundreds of people working every day to help develop new care pathways and treatments here in Leeds. Within the Trust there are a number of specialist doctors and surgeons who oversee this research, ensuring that meaningful results and information is captured.

"I work as part of a team looking at quality of life for lung cancer patients following treatment. We're studying patients who have either undergone surgical and radiotherapy treatments for the condition to see how their lives are impacted by these care pathways," said Cecilia. "Throughout my medical career I have always had a real passion for ensuring a good quality of life for patients. The project I am working on really offers me the opportunity to engage with a subject matter that fits this interest."

"My position within the team means that I still have lots of patient contact, but have the chance to participate in vital work which will hopefully help improve future experiences. Improving outcomes is main aim of this work," she explained. "I feel really privileged to work with such a great team on this research. On top of this I have great leadership in the shape of Professor Velikova, who enabling myself and colleagues to reach our full potential and conduct the work to the best of our abilities."

"As a Research Fellow, I spend time with patients finding out more about their experiences. We are trying to detect changes in daily quality of life before and through all the first year following treatments," she said. "The study also hopes to better understand how the patient has been involved in making an informed choice before treatment. This is all about helping patients to have the best possible quality of life while in our care."

"There are a number of patients involved with the study, who will help us to find any correlation between clinical history and changes in quality of life after lung cancer treatments. These amazing people are helping us to help others in similar situations in the future," Cecilia explained. "This research can only take place thanks to the generosity of Yorkshire Cancer Research, who have made a donation of £200,000 to support the project. I feel incredibly proud of the work we do here at St James's and I hope that it may long continue."