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Maria Paton

Cardiac Physiologist

Leeds is one of the busiest and biggest cardiology and cardiac surgery centres in the UK, with thousands of people coming in to the LGI to receive diagnosis, treatment and care. There are hundreds of staff working within the department, helping to keep Leeds' hearts healthy. This work includes early intervention right through to emergency procedures.

"I really love my job here at LTHT and the best part by far is the patient contact and helping to make a difference in people's lives. There's really nothing better than seeing the care we deliver in action, improving lives and helping people get better," Maria said. "The team I work with are also great. We all work closely together for the good of our patients and there is a real camaraderie."

"As one of only two Physiologists involved in research full time, there is a real prestige in working for LTHT given its size and the numbers of studies we can conduct. I have been privileged to work with some world-leading experts when it comes to heart care," she explained. "Lots of this research will go directly towards benefiting patients both here in Leeds and across the wider NHS."

"The day-to-day is never really the same, but generally I spend time with patients in clinic, offering testing such as ultrasound scans. As part of the specialist heart failure team, I am at the forefront of heart care here in Leeds," explained Maria. "Most patients we see are sent as referrals form their GP, but sometimes they can have suffered a heart attack or cardiac arrest. I then help determine their condition and can offer a number of treatments such as device therapies (pacemakers)."

"At the moment cardiac research here in Leeds is very exciting and I feel incredibly proud to play a role in its development. My colleagues and I have worked on a number of studies investigating the use of pacemakers and how they are best suited to patients," she said. "I am very much looking forward to the future and helping to play a part in developing better care."