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Behzad 'Bez' Masood

Business Admin Apprentice

The NHS has a strong tradition of training people both young and old internally to help ensure staff have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to provide the very best quality of care. LTHT is no exception and had a proud history of its own when it comes to developing our people. A recent innovation has been the introduction of Business Admin Apprentices to different areas of the Trust.

"I really enjoy my role because of the variety of work I get to do - no two days are the same and there's always something new to learn - and because of the people I have the opportunity to meet" said Bez. "At this stage of my apprenticeship, I am now working directly with the public, 'front of house'. It is great to know that much of what I do helps people and I especially enjoy seeing people free of pain once they have undergone treatment."

"During my apprenticeship I have gained lots of experience and had the chance to develop a good understanding about many of the Trust's systems. It's good to know that the skills I have developed can be now used and applied to a number of roles and will help me throughout my career," he explained. "The support available from management at the LDI and the Organisational Learning team has been brilliant. Both have guided me through each and every point and provided help if and when I have needed it."

Apprenticeships are playing an increasingly important role in equipping people across society with skills and knowledge that will help them get on in the world of work across the UK. At LTHT we have developed a number of these training schemes, specifically tailored around the needs of the Trust.

The Business Admin Apprenticeship takes a year to complete and offers participants the opportunity to develop many of the key skills required to work in both office and public environments. It has been a recent development within the Trust and sits alongside other training schemes run by our Organisational Learning team.

"When I started the role, I was mostly office based, getting to know the IT systems, developing my understanding of how admin fits into such a large organisation and on a practical level supporting clinicians through transcription and writing letters," he said. "Over the past two months however, I have been based in more patient-focused roles, manning the front reception desk, taking calls on the LDI's switchboard and adding patient data to systems to make it electronic."

"As part of the learning process, I also come together with apprentices from across the Trust for study days, where we take a more academic approach to the practical things we have learned. It's good to be able to share ideas and discuss how the course is going," explained Bez. "I'd really recommend the apprenticeship to anyone who is leaving school and wanting to get some experience in the workplace. This has really helped prepare me for the future and developed my knowledge and skills for the world of work."