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Peter Wedgwood

Reservist - Deputy Production Manager (Pharmacy)

Peter is a Deputy Production Manager, Pharmacy Manufacturing (Pharmacy Technician) at LTHT and he has worked at the Trust for 16 Years.

Peter has been a reservist with 212 Field Hospital since 2000 and joined the reserves when he moved to Leeds. He said “I didn't know anybody and the reserves was advertised as a place where you could meet new people and take part in new and interesting activities.”

Since then, Peter has deployed twice with the Army, once in 2003 to Iraq and once in 2011 to Afghanistan.

Peter continues: “These deployments were amazing experiences for me and gave me huge respect for the role our front line soldiers do and the risks they take. During my years with the army I have been on multiple adventure training trips and been to many places I would have never have gone to otherwise. I take part in a variety of training each year including weapons training, battlefield casualty training, Chemical warfare training, counter improvised explosive device training and lots of fitness. The unit has also completed training with American reserve forces on Exercise Global Medic.”

At LTHT Peter's role is very different. He is the deputy production manager for the licensed manufacturing unit based at Moor House which includes being responsible for both the Aseptic Production Unit and the Dispensary Support Unit.

The Aseptic production produces batches of high use antibiotics and Insulin along with patient specific monoclonal antibody doses. The unit uses advanced Hydrogen Peroxide gassing technology and provides high quality ready to use finished products for patients across the trust. Peter is jointly responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the unit and that all demands are met.

Peter also runs the Dispensary Support Unit which provides over labelled and repackaged medicines to multiple wards and departments across the trust which enables more efficient patient discharge and reduced waiting times.

Peter said: “My day to day work involves a variety of tasks including dealing with staffing issues, completing work on the quality management system for the PMU, manufacturing checking of batches, ordering, staff meetings and many other jobs”

“I have worked for the Trust for over 15 years and I have lucky enough to have a number of roles within pharmacy and I have enjoyed all of them. I currently love working as the deputy production manager and the trust has help progress my role by funding my post graduate diploma in pharmaceutical technology and quality assurance.

“The trust has also supported two 5 month deployments with the Army one in 2003 and one in 2011. I enjoy the satisfaction I get knowing that the work we do at the manufacturing unit benefits a wide range of patients across the trust and helps improve if only a little bit the experience they have while they visit the hospital.”

Outside of work Peter is married with two children aged 5 and 9.

Peter adds: “They keep me extremely busy and play a huge part in my life and also provide me the support I need to be reservist. Without the support they provide me I would not be able to serve my country the way I do and have gone on deployments in previous years. I also enjoy taking part in a number of activities including mountain biking, road riding, climbing, playing football, going to the gym and any other outdoor activity I can find and have the time to do.”

Finally, Peter's advice for someone thinking about wanting to become a reservist is: “Joining and being part of the Armed forces reserves is an amazing experience. The Army offers a huge wide ranging amount of training and courses with opportunities for deployments around the world and you meet and make some amazing friends. The training you receive in the army medical service is second to none and can transferred into your civilian role in terms of both medical and leadership. An added bonus is that you also get paid to train with the Army and who doesn't like the idea of being paid to mountain bike, I know I do.”